Naomi Absalom | Yoga Teacher

Naomi Absalom

Naomi's classes are inspired by the power of community and group energy.

Devoted mama, inversion junkie, music nerd. Naomi’s aim is always to create a safe and nurturing group dynamic where each individual is able to plug into the current of energy to become part of something much greater than themselves. Although in love with playfulness and creativity within movement, she is extremely interested in very good form and alignment, focusing on strong and controlled transitions between the postures so that every moment is experienced and processed. Her background training with Itzhak Helman in Thai Yoga massage informs the hands on assists and adjustments she offers in class and she now teaches these on teacher training courses in London.

A teacher herself for over 10 years now, she is deeply passionate about the art of teaching yoga as a practice of transformation and leads packed out mentoring sessions for teachers so that they may learn their art from a place of authenticity, integrity and apprenticeship.