Lolo Lam | Yoga Teacher

Lolo Lam

Lolo's classes combine a powerful yet nurturing energy with a mischievous sparkle - balancing out strength with flexibility and hard work with playfulness. Lolo teaches the dynamic, Ashtanga inspired, Rocket system, created by Larry Schultz of ‘It’s Yoga San Francisco’. With the emphasis on connecting breath and movement, she enjoys challenging her students to find a deeper level of practice that transcends the physical asanas.

Lolo is not native to the city, she was born among the sheep and cows of the West Country. Growing up, she was told by every wanderer and hippy that she was a natural born healer, but the feisty little girl, full of rebellion, dismissed those crustys as loons and set off to be a rock star. However they were soon proved right, when she found herself drawn into a world where she was running around in scrubs, saving lives with nothing but a biro, duct tape and a piece of hose pipe! Lolo enjoyed being a nurse, but was constantly reminded of the limitations of western health care, prompting her to close the conventional medical door and train in Ayurvedic medicine – complete with massage, herbs and funky food habits. The yoga just kind of happened.

Having closely observed the consequences of inactivity and a poor lifestyle, Lolo is passionate about getting people on the mat – happy, raging, crying or laughing she’ll take whatever you’re bringing!