Lea Benoit | Pilates Teacher

Lea Benoit

Lea's classes are fun, challenging and creative. She teaches her own unique style of Pilates based on her experience and passion: a fusion of the Pilates technique and contemporary movement, all of that in a gentle and friendly atmosphere to help you understand and control your own body and mind. You will increase strength and flexibility by finding the coordination between your breath and your movement.

Lea's background in dance, started at the age of 12, studying ballet, jazz and contemporary dance at a number of prestigious schools throughout France including the Conservatoire National d'Avignon, the Institut International De Danse Janine Stanlowa in Paris, and the OffJazz Centre in Nice.

She discovered the Pilates technique as part of her training and it help her understanding her body and gave her awareness into how to train safely. She gained her certifications as a dance teacher and Pilates instructor in 2015, allowing her to share her passion for the body and movement with others!

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