What is embodiment and how does it inform our teaching? Through experiential practice these are the questions we will explore. We believe our own embodiment is key to facilitating a student-led approach and that when we deepen our embodied awareness as teachers it can support our students to do the same.

We seek to make meaningful contact with our students. Essential to this is developing this skills we need to notice when a body has gone ‘offline’ (our own or our students) and how to return to a state of ‘contactfulness’, whilst paying attention to neurological processing.


Developing community through the form of a wider support system is at the heart of this training. We will observe how by bringing our work and experiences into a wider setting it can free us up to be more available for our students and ourselves.

Through group supervision we will untangle some of the difficult dynamics or experiences that we will inevitably experience as teachers. We will draw on the collective experience and wisdom of the group to support one another.


Our teaching is informed first and foremost by our own yoga practice. For us, teaching is itself a practice and an opportunity for expression and self-enquiry. By deepening our listening skills and refining our teaching practice we seek to build a sustainable and rewarding journey as both a yoga student and teacher.

We seek to inspire taking our practice ‘off the mat’ and into our daily lives.



Through an embodied yoga practice we will explore anatomical movement principles and three basic developmental movement patters: yield, reach and push. We will identify how these movement patterns support a student-led approach and how they can help us to modify and adapt easily and effectively both in group classes and 1-2-1 sessions.


Guided by Embodied Relational Therapy (a form of Body Psychotherapy) we will explore the four stages of working therapeutically: Making Contact, Information Gathering, Amplification & Integration and how these can be applied to working both 1-2-1 and in groups. We will also explore the relational dynamics of teaching yoga and develop creative and adaptable ways of working.


As yoga teachers we often find ourselves working with a broad range of students and sometimes in specialist settings such as working with young people or those with mental health problems. We will explore the dynamics of working therapeutically and explore how yoga can be used as an effective tool in both preventative work and recovery. We will explore our teaching language, room management and how the therapeutic skills explored above relate specifically to working in specialist fields.


By exploring the ‘wildness’ of the body we will develop our our capacity to work with the unpredictability of both the physical and emotional body. We will deepen our listening skills so that we can ‘stay with’ what is happening in front of us in the present moment. This develops the ability to work ‘with’ the body rather than ‘against’ it.


Together we will explore the practicalities and challenges of running a yoga business. We will identify our core offering and look to gain clarity on our vision and teaching goals. This session will be co-led by Paula Gray Dao, Founder of Union Station Yoga Studio who will be bringing her years of experience as a studio owner to shed light on some of her key learning’s and insights. From a teaching perspective, Pippa will share her experience and key learnings from working with a diverse range of students and in a broad range of industry sectors. Together, we will identify what it takes for this career to be sustainable both personally and professionally.



  • 3 x 4 Hour Group Sessions
  • 5 Class Pass to Union Station Yoga
  • Access to a private Facebook Support Group where we can stay connected and share our learnings and questions


This mentoring program is held over 3 months and each session will run from 2:00PM to 6:00PM including a 20 minute break.

  • Friday, September 6th
  • Friday, October 11th
  • Friday, November 15th


  • Cost: £325.00
  • POC Cost: £225.00*

*We are passionate about including a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives in this program. If you are a person of colour, please use the promo code: POCTEACHER to receive a 25% discount.


Pippa Richardson


Pippa is a yoga teacher, speaker and Founder of 'the girlness project' - an initiative that seeks to support the emotional and physical wellbeing of young girls and women.

She has practiced yoga for twelve years and trained with Triyoga London, the UK's Leading Teacher Training Program. She has since returned to the Teacher Training to assist and mentor new teachers.

Pippa teaches private and group classes in London as well as running workshops, talks and retreats across the country and abroad. She teaches weekly in the NHS working with adolescents who are in intensive treatment programs for eating disorders. Pippa works regularly with yoga teachers and is a teacher on the UK's first Yoga Therapy Training for Children & Young People. She is also a faculty member of 'The Art of Teaching Yoga 1-2-1’, a two year teacher training for yoga teachers who want to specialise in this field.

Pippa's classes are spacious and intuitive, allowing time for exploration and contemplation. Her teaching encourages students to follow their own body wisdom by supporting them to develop self-awareness and embodiment. She has a mindful approach to alignment, which honours the needs for different approaches for individual structures. She has a person-centered and process orientated approach, which is informed by her rich personal experience of working one-to-one with her teacher Kate Ellis for five years and her study of Embodied Relational Therapy, a form of body psychotherapy developed by Nick Totton.

Pippa has worked in a broad range of settings with a broad range of clients including professional athletes, The British Army, lululemon, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Save The Children and has taught over 1000 girls through ‘the girlness project’ - giving her a rich and diverse teaching background to draw insight from. She has been featured in and written for a number of national newspapers and lifestyle magazines including Women’s Fitness, Yoga Magazine, Yogamatters, Harper’s Bazaar and the iPaper.