Starlight Masterclass

Starlight Masterclass with Bridget Woods Kramer

November 1, 2019

  • Date: Friday, November 1st
  • Time: 6:45PM - 8:15PM
  • Cost: £30.00
  • Full Weekend Cost: 65.00


In this Friday evening masterclass, Bridget will take you through a slow flow of hip opening poses building towards Padmasana (lotus pose) to a place of stillness for pranayama and meditation.

Tara means starlight, she is the Goddess energy that traverses and ferries the soul between realms. In Ireland there is a Pilgrimage site called the ‘Hill of Tara'. It is thought to be a vortex upon the earth where the veil between the worlds becomes more open connecting the physical and magical realms.

Join us on Saturday for a Yoga for Moon Cycles and Menopause workshop!


Bridget Woods Kramer

Internationally renowned yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer, commenced her yoga practices in India in 1975 embarking on an intense program of study and self-practice to become a senior teacher. She has concentrated on teaching yoga since 1988. A leading light in the fitness industry for over two decades, she is known for her sense of humour, dynamic style of teaching and close attention to alignment detail.