Join Natasha Moutran as she guides you through a journey of blissful sound in this immersive 90 minute Sound Healing Gong Bath. Through the powerful healing vibrations of the gong and other instruments (singing bowls, koshi bells and more). Natasha will bathe you in sound that not only helps restore the body and mind, but allows you to dive into a deep meditative state in which you can truly relax, re-balance and delve into your inner world, creating the opportunity for positive change physically, mentally and emotionally.

The gong is known to be one of the most powerful healing vibrations for us to receive, and Natasha shares this potent sound healing in a nurturing, feminine and powerful way, creating a grounded and beautiful space for you to rest and receive all that is on offer to you.

Meet Natasha

Natasha Moutran

Natasha’s classes are playful and creative with an invitation to connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. With a mindful approach to alignment and an infusion of spirit, her aim is to guide you to a place of curiosity and exploration in order to create transformation both on and off the mat. Natasha has practiced meditation and yoga for over 15 years, with almost a decade of experience in teaching, and has lived through an ever changing practice which she delights in sharing with her students.

Natasha’s passion for healing and supporting people in their journey has led her to become a reiki practitioner as well Sound Healing Therapy, offering relaxing sound baths using a beautiful mix of instruments from gong, singing bowls, hang drum, voice and more.

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