May 30 Day Yoga Challenge

September 30 Day Yoga Challenge

September 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018

We're kick-starting the month of September with a 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Read all about the challenge, benefits and details below:

THE CHALLENGE: Complete 26 days of yoga + 4 days of meditation in the month of September.

THE BENEFITS: Strengthen your body, deepen your practice and calm your mind! This is a great opportunity to build a regular yoga routine or re-vitalise your daily practice.

THE DETAILS: The challenge starts on September 1st and runs til the end of the month. We recommend finding a balance between all of our class styles and incorporating Hatha and Restorative into your practice to ensure your body has time to recover and rest adequately. Keep in mind, this is YOUR challenge. The USY team will be here to encourage and support you throughout the month, but please feel free to adjust and alter the challenge to suit your unique goals and needs!

DATES: September 1st to 30th

TIME: Practice any class on the timetable!

COST: £108