Join our resident teacher, Becky Farbstein, for a virtual masterclass session exploring different challenging yoga poses in more detail! This 75 minute online session will explore the 'crow' family of poses including crow pose, side-crow and one-legged crow. It is designed to teach you the techniques of arm balancing, practice shifting weight from your legs to your arms, and build more body awareness to help you feel more confident.

We will begin each session with a general flow to warm up the body, followed by specific movements and poses to strengthen and prepare for the poses of focus, and then we'll dive into the technical aspects of finding the specific poses.

This masterclass session is ideal for those students who already practise yoga regularly and who are looking to explore and advance their practice in a safe and fun way. You will also receive a recording of the session for you to replay in the future.

Meet Becky

Becky Farbstein

Becky's classes are both physically and intellectually challenging with a focus on building a steady, strong ujjayi breath. She loves it when people breathe deep, try new things, smile, and sweat profusely.

Becky took her first yoga class at a local gym more than ten years ago, shortly after moving from America to England to attend graduate school. For several years, she practiced Sivananda yoga to help balance the stresses of graduate school. The mental space yoga provides turned out to be the perfect counter-balance for her classic Type-A personality and her career in academia off the mat. With no background in dance, gymnastics, or martial arts, Becky found the physical demands of these styles of yoga both challenging and rewarding.

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