With every new year there is an opportunity to reinvent, to put our best foot forward and set up practices that enable us to bring new ideas into creation! This workshop with Zara Miranda will facilitate the grounding necessary to move into the re-birthing phase of the year with a palpable grasp of our intentions and how we can honour our uniqueness whilst doing so.

Through the physical practice we will use standing and balancing poses and the support of the earth to connect us to our body’s strength and wisdom. This strong foundation will allow us to set meaningful intentions that come from our place of truth as opposed to societal pressures (because no one really wants to give up cake).

Once you have connected to your body's sense of understanding you will be guided into a deep meditation where you will be able to get really clear on your vision and move off the mat feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for what the year ahead holds.

Meet Zara

Zara Miranda

Zara's classes are light-hearted and alignment-based with a spiritual focus. Her classes are strong and well paced with options offered for beginners and more experienced yogis who are looking to challenge themselves. Zara's sense of humour shines through in her teachings and even though her classes can be light-hearted, she often sets a spiritual tone. With an intentional focus on breath Zara encourages her students to delve deeper into not only the physical, but also the mental practices of yoga.

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