Intuition + Soul Connection Workshop

Intuition & Soul Connection Workshop with Bree Melanson

April 13, 2019 2pm - 4pm

Reawaken your Innate Intuition + Create a Deep Connection with Your Soul

Imagine being able to turn to your soul for advice, how to consult your guides to break through life patterns and access clarity and confidence. This dense workshop will support you in learning how to tap into and trust your innate intuition. Hands on practices to engage all your clairsenses and deep meditation and energetic practices to connect you with your ethereal support.

Think you might be a little intuitive? You are. And all it takes to dial up your intuitive super powers is a little guidance.

  • Learn the best way you receive psychic information and how to build on it
  • Clear + easy ways to get specific answers from your soul, body and spirit guides
  • Energetic techniques to manage your energy field + life as an empath
  • How to discern if it’s your mind or divine insight
  • An intuitive strategy to return to to make any life decision
  • Deep meditation practices to connect you with your ethereal support
  • Group readings and clearings
  • Channeled Q + A session (this is where Bree channels the light beings!)

The Mystic Myth

There's no reason you can't have direct conversations with your soul. It's a myth that only certain people have the ability to connect and manifest with ease - you can do it too. If you have big visions of success, love, ease and abundance... you should; they're there for a reason. Learn how to bridge the gap between you and your soul’s highest vision.

Please bring with you:

  • a journal + pen

Date: Saturday, April 13th

Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Cost: £40.00

Members Cost: £36.00