Introduction to Arm Balancing

Introduction to Arm Balancing with Becky Farbstein

March 17, 2019 3pm - 5pm

Join resident teacher, Becky Farbstein, for a fun and playful arm balancing workshop! Many arm balances are named after birds and flying insects: crow, side-crow, one-legged crow (poor thing!), peacock, firefly, and dragonfly, just to name a few. This family of poses can be intimidating for many yogis, but this workshop is designed to give you the techniques, skills, and confidence necessary to balance on your arms and take flight. You will learn the mechanics and techniques of arm balancing, practice shifting weight from your legs to your arms, and build more body awareness to help you feel more confident. This workshop is all about giving you a chance to play with variety of arm balances in a safe, encouraging environment. All levels welcome – beginners and more experienced yogis alike!

Date: Sunday, March 17th

Time: 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Cost: £30