Imbolc is one of the four annual cross-quarter festivals of the pagan year - a fire festival, a time to kindle what wants to be lit in our hearts for the phase to come.

At this time, though it may seem like the doldrums of winter - we see the first tendrils of the light of the year shining through. Imbolc is the traditional first festival of Spring and a time for initiating new projects, and sparking inspiration for all that comes with the light of the year. It's also the feast day for Bridget.

The Celtic goddess Bridgit is the mistress of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. What wants to be healed in your body and heart? What song of life do you have in you to sing? What will you forge in the fires of your life? Brigid invites us to questions like these, and more. Her body is alive and potent on this and neighboring islands.

In this workshop we'll enjoy yogic movement as a part of an Imbolc ritual... we'll cast of circle of potency for the light of the year, bless our projects and ventures, offer song, and feast in the way of love and beauty with morsels from the witch hearth of Chef Heather Umlah. Expect an afternoon of love, inspiration, and friendship, with time to ask questions of Leila and Heather about life practices to integrate back home after our time together.

Meet Leila and Heather


Leila Sadeghee is a healer, ritualist, and yoga and meditation teacher with nearly two decade’s experience in guiding people to freedom. She is an expert and fun-loving guide to the body in movement and yoga asana. She is gifted at creating evocative and uplifting rituals to mark the phases of life with love and power. She is a keeper of the Magdalene flame, and she loves helping people wake up to true self worth, and offering life-changing daily practices to open the spiritual dimension of reality and enhance life radically.

Heather Umlah is a vibrantly creative chef, intuitive healer, and longtime spiritual practitioner. She is expert in the ways that food can transform and create a new paradigm of physical and mental well-being, enabling her clients and students to transform their lives at every level. She has worked with people from all walks of life, including celebrities, activists, artists, people battling major illness, new moms, and folks under great stress. She is known for the joy she takes in life, her deep-seated intuition, her dedication to her own healing process, and her incredibly delicious, heavenly food.

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