Becky Farbstein

Deep Dive for Shoulders Workshop with Becky Farbstein

March 6, 2021

  • Time: 2:00PM - 3:30PM
  • Cost: £15.00
  • Members' Cost: £13.50


After a year spent in front of our computers, many of us are understandably carrying stress in our bodies. Our shoulders tend to be a place where we accumulate tension; this livestreamed workshop offers them a bit of much needed attention and love.

The first part of the workshop focuses on releasing accumulated tension, while the second half will help you build balanced strength in the region. We will use techniques derived from yoga, myofascial release, and functional movement training to diversity how we use our shoulders and build a deeper understanding of this part of our bodies.

Bring a MFR/trigger point ball, tennis ball or any other hard ball if you have one. You can also purchase one from our online shop if you don't already have one at home!

Meet Becky

Becky Farbstein

Becky's classes are both physically and intellectually challenging with a focus on building a steady, strong ujjayi breath. She loves it when people breathe deep, try new things, smile, and sweat profusely.

Becky took her first yoga class at a local gym more than ten years ago, shortly after moving from America to England to attend graduate school. In 2008, Becky moved from Cambridge, England to London, where she discovered dynamic Vinyasa and power yoga and quickly became a self-confessed “asana addict.” With no background in dance, gymnastics, or martial arts, Becky found the physical demands of these styles of yoga both challenging and rewarding.

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