Beginners Yoga Course

Our Commitments to Creating Safe Studio Environment

We are so excited to welcome you back into the studio space! The safety of our students, teachers, staff, and wider community remains our top priority and we want to remain transparent with all the steps we are taking to ensure that entering the space and participating in classes is as safe as possible. These steps will be under constant review in line with all guidance issued by the UK Government.


Please book into class in advance online or via the MBO app as we are unlikely to be able to accept any walk-in bookings. The studio is currently cash-free so all payments need to be made by card.


Everyone coming into the studio will be asked if they or anyone in their household has any symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently returned from a country which is required to have a period of self-isolation. If the answer is yes in either event that person will not be permitted entry into the studio.


We have an NHS QR code on display by the entrance to the studio which you can scan to log your location if you have the NHS app on your smart phone. In addition to this, however, our booking system acts as a log of everyone who was in each class, including up to date contact details.


Students arriving for class will be asked to wait outside the studio observing social distancing and will be allowed to enter one at a time so we can keep control of the flow of people on the space. We have a much-reduced capacity in all of our in-person classes and they are now capped at 8 students; in addition, our downstairs studio remains closed so we will only ever have one class running at a time. Once inside the studio the teacher will remain on their mat at all times to ensure social distancing.


Please arrive and leave in your yoga kit as we do not have space for changing at the studio. Unfortunately our shower will be out of action for the time being.


We have removed all mats and props from the studio so please bring your own to class! Don't worry if you don't have your own though as we will have some mats available to use for a £2 cleaning fee.


You will also now need to bring your own water bottle. We do have a filtered water drinking tap in reception that can be used to fill it up (the taps will be sanitised as part of our cleaning procedures once everyone is checked into each class).


We have an automated hand sanitiser dispenser at the front door so everyone can sanitise their hands on entering, or alternatively use soap and water at the sink in reception. We encourage you to wash your hands again right after class! The entire studio, reception, and bathrooms will be fully deep cleaned and sanitised after every single class using anti-viral disinfectants and we have a full ventilation system which will always be running in the studio to keep a clean flow of air into the space.


Unless exempt, everyone entering the studio - including staff + teachers - will need to wear a face mask at all times until they are on their yoga mat. Masks can be taken off for class and then must be put on again at the end of class.


We greatly appreciate your support with respecting these guidelines and please reach out to us via email if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you back into the studio soon!